Sunday, December 30, 2007

Introduction: Why this blog?

Hello everybody.
My name is Meyer Shellins, and this blog is about my friend Rocco. He likes everything about New Jersey, and we hope to have pictures of him in all 567 municipalities in the state!

But before we get to that, I thought you might want to know a little about me. I enjoy math,

a fine glass of wine,

and, of course, wearing hats.

We also have a cat, named Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson First Viscount Nelson, KB.

I hope you enjoy our blog, and we look forward to exploring the greatest state in the union. If you have any ideas for us to photograph in Jersey, please leave a comment. Ciao!


johnbryk said...

Hi could you please visit New Brunswick, Highland Park, and Piscataway next? Can't wait to see Zarephath!

johnbryk said...

Oh snap, is Zarephath a municipality? Looks like the answer is no. Go there anyway when you visit Franklin!

Meyer Shellins said...


Will you be so kind as to drive Rocco and me to Zarephath?

-Meyer Shellins

Meyer Shellins said...
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Michael said...

hey meyer, if you come to hobokus , we have a train station, a river, and a city hall. No hotels however, not a one.

johnbryk said...

I can and will drive you to Zarephath, although we'll have to keep an eye out for those pesky holy rollers.

Meyer Shellins said...


I can't really roll. I'm a turtle.

Thank you for your interest in Zarephath.

Meyer Shellins

USAirSuxBalls said...

I won't sleep until I see pitures of the GSP!!!