Monday, February 18, 2008

18. River Edge

Recently, Rocco and I went to River Edge, New Jersey. Below, you can see Rocco in front of Critchley's Candies and Budo-Kai Karate, and you can see me looking at the Hackensack River.


kopiikat said...

That's my karate school! I love it there! :D

... and Critchley's is great too, of course. :)

Meyer Shellins said...

Hi Kopiikat,

Rocco and I are currently in quarantine due to a problem with bedbugs. We hope to resume our travels soon. If you have suggestions for locations in nearby towns, feel free to email me.

-Meyer Shellins

Sadako said...

HI Rocco! Hope you had fun. :)

ifthatwasme said...

I love the look and idea of your blog. I too love NJ and just recently started a blog where I hope to share great things about our state with others. Check it out at Sorry to hear about the bed bugs I wrote about prevention at Yahoo